a blog entry about blogging

I know everybody hates those meandering, abstract posts about “posting more” and “having an angle” and blah, blah, blah.   So let’s get right to the point —


I’ve moved on.  I can’t promise it will be any better, but… actually, I can’t promise anything.  In fact, you will take what you can get, and you will like it.

Ahem.  I mean, “Join me, won’t you?”


project updates

  • 365 project – still chugging away.  Occasionally I’ll miss a day (or three) and backfill with pictures from another date.  I’m aiming for completion, not perfection.  A friend and I were discussing how it makes you see your surroundings differently.  Maintaining that is more important than maintaining a perfect project.

  • one sentence journal – I totally don’t do this daily.  If I’m lucky, I remember to fill it in once every week or two.  (Speaking of which, I’m pretty behind right now.  Oops.)  That’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.  I’m still motivated to keep doing it, so hopefully I’ll get better as the habit sets in.
  • crafty things in progress – Some friends and I made plarn the other night.  I didn’t do anything with it after, I just helped make it.  It was fun!  I’ll definitely make my own sometime.
  • home improvement projects – I got rid of my dead computer, but left any working peripherals that the new laptop could plug into.  Then I overhauled my whole home office area, and got a modular drawer thingy from Target (for storage and a work surface).  Still in progress, but both of us already think it’s a much more appealing place to sit down and work.

new office

modular drawer

  • What I’m readingGeneration Earn by Kimberly Palmer.  I’ve only just started, so I’m still in introductory territory.  It looks pretty interesting though, so stay tuned.

one-sentence journal

I started doing this at the new year, but I swear the timing was a coincidence.  Also, I’m not exactly sure how I heard about it, but it was at least third-hand and not from The Happiness Project (which I have never read, but I’ve browsed the website a bit since).

I happened to have an awesome journal laying around.  It’s a full 8 1/2 by 11, red leather-bound journal from a mall bookstore.  Of course, after passing a pile of these on sale I couldn’t resist buying one.  But for the last several years, I’ve been unable to write much in a journal, and this book has languished.

fancy journal

Until now!

Lists!  Bullets!  It’s so easy, I now have an entry for every day of this year except one.  I got behind a little, and when I went back to catch up, it turns out I have no memories of last Thursday whatsoever.  I left a space for it though, just in case something comes to me.  I also left a few pages at the beginning blank, and have been back-filling with highlights from 2010 as they occur.

This is a whole week’s worth of entries –

This is a whole week's worth of entries

I’ve already noticed that some of my earlier entries feel like a million years ago.  I probably would have forgotten that stuff by now.  I also realized that by regularly crocheting on my Monday lunch break, I was participating in something awesome without realizing it (more on what in a future post).

I am also recording my own personal history in a pain-free way, so I can remember it later and/or for future generations.  And even if it’s not a full and profound journal experience, it’s showing me a lot about myself and my habits.

If you are even remotely interested in this kind of a journal, there is no reason not to start right now.  You probably already own some kind of blank book that appeals to you, and a good pen.  Stash them somewhere handy and visible, and try to make a ritual out of grabbing the book and filling it out.   Or open an online account of some sort – one of the commenters on the Happiness Project page even suggested recording entries in a Google Calendar.  And you are completely allowed to do three or four (or more) days at a whack if you get behind – no guilt, as long as you’re getting it done.

Try it out for a month, and I bet you’ll want to keep doing it.

365 project

Seems like I’ve been meaning to do this for-EVER, and now I have two friends posting highlights of their own, so…

I just joined the 365 project.

Whee!  Let’s see how that goes!

natural organizing strategy

I’ve been disorganized my entire life.  In fact, I could easily turn into a hoarder if things don’t work out for me.  I’ve had the “Don’t touch my stuff until I go through it!” tantrums before.

So I’ve been trying to get organized the way some women compulsively fad-diet.  I know all the tips and tricks and methods and strategies, but at the end of the day my stuff is still out of control.  Sometimes I picture it all like an angry mob.  The standard advice of “set a time period, and don’t forget to add clean-up at the end!”  just doesn’t begin to turn the tide.

So I think I’m going to give in and work with my natural organizing method, which is “drag everything out of the area in question and throw it on the floor, then only put back what you want.”  Then, whatever’s left over can sit in a pile on the floor for as long as I need it to.   I can shift the pile around from room to room if necessary, like into the bedroom if people are coming over.  My theory is, if I have to constantly trip over the shit, I’m that much more motivated to send it to Goodwill, as compared to shoving it neatly in a closet somewhere every time my egg-timer dings.

tiny personal landfill

Sure, that pile looks like a tiny personal landfill, which is possibly even more depressing than the original clutter situation.  And sure, we’re all constantly bashing our toes.  But it’ll all be gone in a month or three, and in the meantime I have that magazine-perfect corner over there.   And I can live with that.

thanksgiving cactus

My thanksgiving cactus flowered vigorously this year.




I think it actually peaked on Thanksgiving.  It’s pretty much over now… but I’m pretty confident I’ll see more than one flowering this winter.

collage / decoupage

This is clippings from National Geographic, glue-sticked onto an electronics box, awaiting mod-podge.

lid –


inside –


It comprises a goodly bit of someone’s Christmas gift.  I can’t say any more, in case the eventual recipient is listening.