five degrees to Kevin Bacon

Remember the Kevin Bacon game? The one that always ended with Apollo 13? The one that used to cause drunken fistfights? Yeah, good times. Wait, I hated that game! But only because the people who liked it were annoying; not because I sucked at it, I swear.

Anyway, after an office discussion today, it came to light that I, myself, can be connected to Kevin Bacon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember how. After a half an hour with IMDB, I managed to figure it out. It was such a heroic effort, I thought I’d pass it along.

  1. I was in Sudden Death, with Jean Claude Van Damme.
  2. Jean Claude Van Damme was in Universal Soldier, with Dolph Lundgren. (stay with me, now.)
  3. Dolph Lundgren was in Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves (see, I told you it would work out.)
  4. Keanu Reeves was, of course, in The Matrix, with Laurence Fishburne.
  5. Laurence Fishburne was in Mystic River, with Kevin Bacon.

Go ahead, fact-check me on IMDB.  Not that you’ll find my name anywhere in the credits. But trust me, I was the pink blurry dot in the nosebleed seats of the Civic Arena, eating a hot dog.  The rest of it, though, that’s all totally documented on the internet, man.

And since there are only 5 degrees, you too can someday be connected to Kevin Bacon! We just need to be in a movie together. Call my agent.

-dontfeedthetiki (is not a cardboard cutout)


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