Friday Is My Saturday

I’m off today because I work tomorrow.  So right now I am in my pajamas drinking my delicious “stove coffee” (my electric coffeemaker died in its sleep) and watch the cleaning lady sweep my porch 400 times.

Through the blinds, of course — I’m not a creep.

I swear, she has been out there for fifteen minutes.  Maybe she has some kind of attraction to spider plants.  Nobody has more spider plants than I do.  Maybe she’s just admiring my garden.  Well, our janitors certainly work hard– if she wants to chill in somebody’s garden in the shade for a few minutes, then more power to her.  And if she’s going to deal with the random lawn clippings the landscaping crew left me, then all the better.

I guess.  But I wish I could be out there enjoying my garden…


recipe for stove coffee:

measure grounds into paper filter as normal.  tie shut with kitchen string (or whatever, depending on desperation). fill saucepot with usual amount of water; boil.  add “coffee bag” and simmer for another minute or two.  remove from heat and let steep for five minutes, dunking and swishing occasionally.  pray for a new coffee pot / the electricity to come back on / your eventual return to civilization.

-dontfeedthetiki (not creepy at all)

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