winning the junk mail lottery

Real junk mail has gotten to be as exciting as spam.

Yesterday my mailbox was crammed so full I almost couldn’t get it open.  There was an entertainment weekly, several pre-screened credit offers, and a bunch of stuff about my student loans, plus this weird rectangular box from Pall Mall.  From the size and shape, I thought it was going to be a free carton of some god-awful kind of Pall Malls (not that they wouldn’t have found SOME home).  But when I finally got it inside, and I got it mangled enough to open, guess what turned out to be in there?  Here’s a clue.


Check it out, they remodeled my bathroom.  No, haha, just kidding, that’s the same craptastic bathroom I’ve always had, I just got brighter lightbulbs.  Look again.

Yes, that’s right, Pall Mall sent me an actual freakin digital camera, so that I can enter their “Share your longer-lasting moments” photo contest.

My new pride and joy comes with just enough software to fill one of those teeny tiny half-cds, a foot-long USB cord, a carrying strap but no way of attaching it, and an instruction book.  You can’t see the pictures on the camera.  You have to download them first.  Obviously the quality’s not so great.  (I kinda like it, though, it’s sort of dream-sequency and mist-ish.)  There’s no flash or anything.  Oh, but you can plug it in to the computer, set it to “continuous” mode, and use it as a webcam.  But S’s USB port is down near the floor, and I only have a foot-long cord, so all I could film is my feet.

It is the most awesome free thing I have ever gotten in my life.  Here are some other pictures I took to test it.

-dontfeedthetiki (cigarette companies give away the best stuff…  hope they don’t think that cancels out the evil)

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