In Search of Perseids – Breakneck Campground

Denison family – anyone remember watching that meteor shower at the bio reserve? We dozed sitting up in Bryce’s room, until the middle of the night. Then we marched out through the back of North Quad, past the rabid phys plant raccoons, into the woods, across the bridge, and into that field. Someone threw some blankets right on the path, and there we sat. Some of them were so bright, they could be behind you, and you still knew they’d happened; it was crazy.

Well, this year’s shower was supposed to be pretty spectacular, so we planned to do it again with a couple of friends. Someone hunted around on the internet and found the Hillside Huts at Breakneck Campground. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. They have a building with toilets and rough showers and wood, and places where you can pitch a tent, or little cabins, and these three-walled hillside huts. The place is right outside of Pittsburgh, and very reasonable.

Unfortunately, the nearby field in which we were stargazing was a little light-polluted, so we didn’t see a lot of Perseids. But we met some friendly dudes who happened to be passing by, and we got an amazing serenade from some barred owls, even though it isn’t even mating season. Also note, while the Steelers’ preseason game was going on, you could hear Bill Hillgrove’s voice, faintly, but all over the place.

the hillside hut

hillside hut, from the fire ring

our hillside hut

hillside hut, from most of the way down the path

inside the hut

inside the hut – a platform, and half of the floor.

inside the hut

three-walled hut; fourth “wall” was basically a porch railing, overlooking the steep slope to the creek

the view from the hut

the view from the hut, up to the fire circle and road

owl noises – uncut
(note, the un-crappy, better-edited version never came to be)

-dontfeedthetiki (sat with one earphone in, re-calling the game highlights for everyone else)


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