trip to the lake

For father’s day, we went to the lake and rented a pontoon boat. A good time was had by all.




About half an hour out, I decided to join my dad in the front of the boat – against the explicit instructions in the safety lecture.  Under our combined weight, the nose of the boat sank quite a few inches under the water.  I quickly went back to where I was supposed to be, and we started floating again.  S. said, “Good reaction in a time of crisis!”  I replied, “I just saw the water and was like, I’m getting the hell out of here!”



Overall, a beautiful day.


Here is the whole set of photos.  Other trip highlights, not pictured – we saw a million herons, a few vultures, and maybe an eagle.  I think a total of three puny fish were caught and released.

-dontfeedthetiki (is getting the hell out of here!)

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