fourth of july, short-answer section

We just spent the last few days with Tug, our friend from college.  I have absolutely no pictures to prove it, and I feel like a complete moron for not taking any.  You’ll believe it was true, though, when I say we went to a Pirates / Phillies game with him.  There is no good reason for a yinzer to lie about going to a baseball game when they didn’t, or to go in the first place unless they were accompanying an out-of-towner.

(edit – I also discovered that the ketchup bottle / tomato slices from this collage came from the Pirates’ yearbook thing.)


Last night we watched several fireworks displays, put on by both neighboring townships and independent freelance yinzers.  We ate hot dogs and homemade potato salad, the latter of which was okay… but I made it with limited ingredients, and more “dressing” would have improved it.

rough approximation of the dressing, as I would have done if I had had enough ingredients –

  • a cup-ish of mayo
  • a splash of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice
  • a cup or so of finely-diced onion
  • a handful of slightly-less-finely-diced baby sweet pickles
  • some shredded fresh herbs (basil and dill are both good)
  • kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
  • dusting of nutritional yeast, if you have it

Mix this together.  I like to use a measuring pitcher with a spout for easier drizzling.   Slop it over the boiled, cooled, peeled, and diced potatoes, and toss.  Refrigerate for a good half-hour before eating for best results.

(If I try this again someday and it works out, I’ll write it up for Epicurean Tendency.)


We’re having a bit of a problem with fruit flies again.  I remember reading that they like to drown in alcohol, so yesterday I set out a dish of beer.  Now there are 300 fruit flies crowded around the rim of this dish, and they run down to the beer occasionally to get a drink, but none of them fall in and drown.  Essentially, I have improved their neighborhood by providing them with a 24-hour open bar.


I am trying to look at my relative unemployment as a graduation gift from the universe.  “Dontfeedthetiki,” I picture the universe saying to me, “I know you wouldn’t take this time off if you had the choice, but you really need to get your house clean.”  (It’s lame, sure, but I’m excited to scrub my kitchen baseboards for the first time in three years.)  I’m also getting my head together, and working on my resume, and blah blah “housekeeping metaphor.”  All that good stuff.

But it sure would be sweet if I were getting paid to sit in someone else’s AC all day…

-dontfeedthetiki (is considering giving baseball a second chance, even though she knows it’ll never change)

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