my yarn stash

I am just starting to build a yarn stash.  It looks a bit more impressive than it is, because I have to keep every tiny scrap in a kitten-proof container.  The stash currently fills four shoebox-sized containers and one big bin.

stash (1)

When not in use, the happy turtle bag is also stored in the big bin.  I love this bag.  I got it at Burlington Coat Factory for ten bucks.  I actually walked away from it the first time I saw it, too.  But a few days later I convinced myself I needed these turtles in my life, so I went back and grabbed one before they disappeared.

stash (4)

How could you not like this turtle?  You can’t.  It’s impossible.

stash (3)
And it turns out, it’s perfect for holding all my odds and ends, and anything I might need while working on a project.

stash (2)

And since it’s square on the bottom, it stands up on the floor or table next to me while I work.

Here is another great device, and an incredible investment at something like eight bucks.

stash (5)

You put the yarn in through the zipper opening, and feed the end through the grommet.  Then you zip it shut, and stand it up (or hang the strap on something nearby).

stash (6)

Maya’s yarn obsession is so bad that I don’t know how I could crochet much around her unless I had this yarn holder.  (She’s usually more animated in this situation, I swear.)  It also keeps the ball from rolling around on the floor, so no tangling or getting dirty.

So, that’s where the magic happens.  Now you know.

-dontfeedthetiki (can’t wait to have a whole room, with a desk and hooks on the walls and good lighting…)


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