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thanksgiving cactus

My thanksgiving cactus flowered vigorously this year.




I think it actually peaked on Thanksgiving.  It’s pretty much over now… but I’m pretty confident I’ll see more than one flowering this winter.


orchid cactus

So we come home after work, and we’re hanging out, and we don’t notice anything isn’t normal.  And then all of a sudden, I realize…

Holy crap, the orchid cactus bloomed!

orchidcactus (2)

orchidcactus (3)

I hadn’t tried to make this thing flower, or noticed any signs that it might do so.  This thing just… popped out of nowhere.

The flower continued to fan out all night, to the point where it was almost as big as my hand.  And it smelled incredibly good.

orchidcactus (5)

orchidcactus (6)

By the next morning, it had started to wilt.

orchidcactus (8)

orchidcactus (9)

And by the time we came home it was completely gone – not withered and hanging there, just not there at all.  It vanished as suddenly as it appeared.

This is the same windowsill where I had the poinsettia when it turned red again.  The thanksgiving cactus blooms a lot, too.  I’m thinking it’s a magic windowsill.

-dontfeedthetiki (would still rather live in a treehouse, but agrees a magic windowsill is better than nothing)

garden update (front room)

Here are the relatively cat-safe plants.

plants (1)

You can see the reflection of the rubber skeletons I put up last halloween.  It is a great treat for a cat to be picked up and held in range of those skeletons.  It results in much swiping and purring.

plants (5)

christmas cactus, and in the lower left, that sprout I got from Karen’s plant ages ago

plants (6)

why who is this handsome fellow

plants (4)

plants (3)

the whole view

-dontfeedthetiki (safe FOR cats doesn’t necessarily mean safe FROM cats.)

I have achieved the impossible!

Last year’s poinsettia is starting to turn red again!



-dontfeedthetiki (didn’t do anything to deserve it, but isn’t complaining)

alien yellow growth

Look what I found in my plants this morning – yellow houseplant mushrooms!

photo by viknanda

photo by viknanda

-dontfeedthetiki ( =8^o )