sick day

I’ve been fighting a cold all week, so of course it hits me on my day off.  (At least I only lost quality free time, not money.)

I worked with yarn most of the day.  I made a few scarves to match existing hats, sorted finished projects into a bin, dealt with some scraps.

I also experimented with a funky stash yarn – it looked like inexpert handspun, blobby and thin and blobby again.

(my camera’s on the fritz, so this is just similar yarn as an example, yo)

I started out with the intention of making a scarf, but quickly realized I didn’t have quite enough.  It was also a historically ugly scarf, which didn’t do the yarn justice.   I suspect I’ll run into the perfect project someday, but in the meantime, back into the stash it goes.

Now I think I’m gonna take a hot shower with one of those effervescent tablets, down a gallon of OJ, and pass out.  See yins another day…

-dontfeedthetiki (“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is.”)



I decided to sign up for NaNoWriMo yesterday. 

For several years during grad school, I was jealous of all the people who had time to participate.  Now, I’m kind of overwhelmed.  I don’t even have an idea! 

 But that’s the beauty of NaNoWriMo — it’s one of the few creative projects where you are encouraged to produce sheer quantity, and not worry about quality.  So I am planning to have the “need an idea” question in the back of my mind until Nov. 1, no pressure or anything.  And then I am just gonna dive in blindly with whatever I have, and see where it takes me.

Updates on my progress will be posted here… and I’ll see about excerpts when I get to that point.

Anyone else nano-ing?  Let me know, so we can commiserate!

-dontfeedthetiki (can’t believe the things she gets herself into, sometimes)

tan and black baby outfit

I made this set out of just the tan yarn first, and was inspired months later to trim it in black. Plus, check out the little poofball on the hat! For some reason, it just really gets me.


Can’t wait to see if and/or when it fits the little guy it was made for…

lion / elephant

Here is the first stuffed lion I ever made.



This project was a screaming success.  Because all the single-crochet makes my hands hurt, I wouldn’t say he was easy, exactly. But he made a huge impact compared to the amount of work invested in him. 

I have also acquired cat-shaped eyes, which I used in a second lion (not pictured). They make him look even better.  

And since the lion was so awesome, I’ve decided to branch out into other animals.  My elephant was actually easier, as he’s basically a ball that tapers to a trunk, with some circular ears sewn on –


Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of him. As you can see, his ear is still safety-pinned on in this photo, and his ends aren’t yet woven in. But I gave him away before I could take any better pictures. I’ll just have to make another one, or possibly convince the mom in question to take some “action shots” someday.

I also made a monkey, but the pictures of him are stuck on my broken PC.  As soon as I get around to screwing with that mess, I’ll be sure to post them.

pigeon – COMPLETED!

Oh man, doesn’t he look better than the crappy green monstrosity that was my prototype?



And I already have plans to make a better one — his body needs to be bigger, and better-weighted, and his legs in these pictures aren’t actually permanently attached.  And that’s without even beginning to consider accessories…

baby’s first cosby sweater

I made this with crap yarn, as practice.  Then I realized I had a friend who would totally appreciate it for what it was…


and check out that glorious button action, close up:


(She loved it, by the way.)

“Turkey” Twirly Scarf

Here is a twirly scarf I made, with two strands of acrylic – carrot and cafe.    I called the combination “Harvest” at first, but it’s evolved into “Turkey.”

curly scarf

Not sure I like it… no sir, I’m not sure I like it at all.  But the pattern’s so easy I’m going to try a few more color combinations before I quit.