Monthly Archives: February 2011

a blog entry about blogging

I know everybody hates those meandering, abstract posts about “posting more” and “having an angle” and blah, blah, blah.   So let’s get right to the point —

I’ve moved on.  I can’t promise it will be any better, but… actually, I can’t promise anything.  In fact, you will take what you can get, and you will like it.

Ahem.  I mean, “Join me, won’t you?”


project updates

  • 365 project – still chugging away.  Occasionally I’ll miss a day (or three) and backfill with pictures from another date.  I’m aiming for completion, not perfection.  A friend and I were discussing how it makes you see your surroundings differently.  Maintaining that is more important than maintaining a perfect project.

  • one sentence journal – I totally don’t do this daily.  If I’m lucky, I remember to fill it in once every week or two.  (Speaking of which, I’m pretty behind right now.  Oops.)  That’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.  I’m still motivated to keep doing it, so hopefully I’ll get better as the habit sets in.
  • crafty things in progress – Some friends and I made plarn the other night.  I didn’t do anything with it after, I just helped make it.  It was fun!  I’ll definitely make my own sometime.
  • home improvement projects – I got rid of my dead computer, but left any working peripherals that the new laptop could plug into.  Then I overhauled my whole home office area, and got a modular drawer thingy from Target (for storage and a work surface).  Still in progress, but both of us already think it’s a much more appealing place to sit down and work.

new office

modular drawer

  • What I’m readingGeneration Earn by Kimberly Palmer.  I’ve only just started, so I’m still in introductory territory.  It looks pretty interesting though, so stay tuned.